Dangers of Dehydration

Looking at this Picture you can see the Dangers of Dehydration

  • What are the Danger of Dehydration?
  • Your Skin and Muscle.
  • Your Bones.
  • Your Organs and Digestive System.
  • Your Brain.
  • Premature Aging.
  • The Purest Water for Your Body

What are the Dangers of Dehydration?

The danger of not drinking enough water will affect every part of your body, the body is comprised mainly of water and without it the body will become fatigued, suffer from illness and eventually die.

The Earth is a water planet everything in nature requires water, where there is an abundance of water there is an abundance of life, where there is lack of water there is very little life.

But when it rains nature springs into action and produces an abundance of life for as long as the rain lasts. So it is with human life to have a young vibrant healthy body you must drink lots of water.

But not just any water Steam Distilled Water is the miracle tonic for your body. While bottled water and even tap water are better than no water, Steam-Distilled Water is the crowning jewel.

Steam-Distilled Water should be made yourself in your own machine, do not compare it to the distilled water in flaccid plastic containers at the supermarket, which will have a plastic and inferior taste. Your own Steam Distilled Water has a wonderful refreshing taste.

Analogy Using Your Car

Imagine your car driving down the road starved for gasoline and only one quart of oil in the engine. It would be sputtering and misfiring and not going very fast and the low oil in the engine would cause premature wear and early damage to the internal parts.

Everyone knows you must have unrestricted fuel flow and the correct amount of oil in the engine. So it is with your body keep your body tuned up and well lubricated and your body/machine will serve you faithfully.

Dangers of Dehydration to Your Skin and Muscle

The danger of dehydration to your skin and lymph system are 94% water, your muscle 75% water. The dangers of dehydration to your skin are dry wrinkled prematurely aged skin. Your skin is the largest organ in the body it covers and completely protects your body.

It is your bodies natural air conditioner it is flexible and pliable it breathes and flushes out toxins from your body, your skin must have adequate water to keep it pliable, healthy, young and vibrant.

Your muscles definitely need lots of water to keep them functioning at peak performance, no one likes tired aching muscles that are starved for water.

Dangers of Dehydration to Your Bones

Your Bones are comprised 22% water. Without ample quantities of water you will not have a strong skeletal structure, your bones become brittle and weak and break easy and you will be unable to stand up straight.

Dehydration and Your Organs and Digestive System

Your Heart is 79% water, Blood 83% Lungs 80% Liver 72% Kidneys 83%. As you can see your organs are comprised mainly of water and if they are starved for water they will begin to break down and suffer from disease.

Your digestive system requires large amounts of water to digest food. Have you ever had a hard dry painful bowel movement? Chances are you have then you know your digestive system is not getting enough water.

Most ailments in the body start in the digestive system, every organ has nerves or direct contact with the digestive system, a problem in an area of the digestive system where those nerves connect will cause a problem with that organ.

It is absolutely essential that the digestive systems is functioning at 100% anything less and you will suffer from poor health.

Dangers of Dehydration to your Brain

Your Brain is 75% water. Do you suffer from headaches? An early sign of dehydration is headaches or migraine headaches are a more advanced sign of dehydration.

Is your brain sluggish and foggy in the mornings or even in the daytime? Chances are your brain is not getting enough water, if you want mental clarity and a sharp quick functioning brain then keeping it hydrated is essential.

Dehydration and Premature Aging

As you can see the dangers of dehydration are very real and life changing, a good hydrated body works like a finely tuned race car at the peak of its performance and winning the race.

All areas of your body will benefit if you drink enough water, but remember it must be good quality water. Tap water and bottled water that have a lot of inorganic minerals will be harmful over the long run; the inorganic minerals will build up over time causing discomfort and illness.

Drink only Steam Distilled Water you make yourself for a body that runs at its peak performance and longevity.

Remember Your Body is a Machine Treat it Like a Machine, Take Care of it and Maintain it, Otherwise it Will Break Down!

The Purest Water For Your Body

At Waterwise you will find:

Take care of your body and only give it the purest water possible and it will serve you well for the rest of your life.

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