Causes of Water Pollution

Water Pollution and pollution of the Earth's environment is so widespread today, ranging from Industrial, agricultural, human and nature itself.

From accidents to deliberate acts to all the unintended consequences to this beautiful planets delicate Eco systems and oceans.

All of this pollution is upsetting the environmental balance of the Earth which in turn affect peoples health and well being.

On This Page you will Find Information on:

  • Industrial Causes of Water Pollution.
  • Agricultural Causes of Water Pollution.
  • Human Causes of Water Pollution.
  • Nature's Causes of Water Pollution.
  • Unintended Consequences of Water Pollution.
  • Plastic Water Bottles.

Industrial Causes of Water Pollution

Without a doubt industry has brought many benefits to people, it has opened up many job opportunities so people can feed their families and have a better standard of living.

It has also created a lot of pollution to the earths air, water and soil, if you think you are not affected by industrial waste because you do not live near an industrial area think again.

What goes into the air from venting pipes, chimneys and smoke stacks travels around the Earth. When it rains it washes all that pollution out of the air and into the soil, rivers and oceans.

Industry has dumped a lot of toxic waste directly into the soil, rivers and oceans, evident by the many super fund clean up sites around the U.S.

Agricultural Causes of Water Pollution

Agriculture has brought many benefits to people, supplying super market shelves with an abundance of food and helping feed the Worlds population.

However the use and over use of fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and all the other known and unknown chemicals has created a lot of water and soil pollution not to mention the toxic effects on farm workers.

Some areas of farmland have been so heavily watered it is now just a salt wasteland where nothing will grow. In the rainforests of the World, slash and burn practices have cleared large area's to raise cattle for the production of red meats used in fast food outlets and restaurants.

This land can only sustain the cattle for a few years and then another area is cleared, the clearing of rainforests is having an effect on the Earth’s climate and what about the loss of pharmaceuticals from the rare plants, fauna and fungi.

Human Causes of Water Pollution

Most people do not intend to pollute their water and environment, they are very concerned and careful not to pollute. The fact is the lifestyle people have become accustomed to especially in the western World cannot help but create pollution.

If you drive a car or have a two or three car family you are creating air pollution even servicing your car creates waste along with bits of rubber shedding from your tires and even washing your car. What about noise pollution, just stand on a noisy busy street corner and try to concentrate.

Look under any homes kitchen sink and you will find bottles of chemicals to clean floors, walls bathrooms, and kitchens, unplug pipes, kill insects etc.

When you use the toilet or take a shower that waste must go somewhere to be disposed of or cleaned. What about all the other waste that is disposed of down the toilet, out of date prescriptions and whatever else people want to get rid of.

All of this finds its way into the ground water, rivers and oceans, directly or indirectly.

Nature's Causes of Water pollution

Nature itself can cause a lot of pollution, from the bacteria and parasites that thrive in rivers and pools of water, just like the mosquito that reproduces at an astounding rate around pools of stagnant water.

Most people are aware of all the water born diseases that nature produces not only in third world countries but in modern countries as well.

You don’t have to look farther than municipal water supplies to find polluted water even if all the safeguards are met, sometimes conditions are just right for nature to produce some type of pollutant.

All the pollution that goes into the air is mixed together in the atmosphere to produce acid rain and a concoction of toxins far more dangerous than the original pollutant.

Unintended Consequences of Water Pollution

The unintended consequences of pollution can come from any or all of the above and can be good or bad. But without question when a cause is created there must be an effect. Whether immediate or years down the road there will with certainty be an effect and that effect can also be a cause in itself.

Take the simple act of dropping a plastic bag on the road accidentally or on purpose, that plastic bag is washed down the storm drain and out into the ocean. It is then carried by the worlds ocean currants and ends up in the great garbage patch, larger that the size of Texas by some estimates.

It is just floating with the oceans currants being broken into tiny fragments and indigestible toxic mush that is eaten by fish and marine life, then caught by fishing trawlers and sold in super markets.

Studies done on fish show tiny plastic pieces and mush throughout the fish, which is then eaten by people. The pollution of the food chain is now complete, this from the unintended consequence, of just dropping a plastic bag on the road.

Clearly water pollution is a major threat to people’s health and well being and strong action by governments and business is in order. People themselves must be vigilant and aware of the quality of water they are putting into their bodies if they want to remain vibrant and healthy.

Plastic Water Bottles

Consider the tremendous waste from millions of water bottles thrown out each year. Only a small percentage of these water bottles are recycled, the rest go into the environment.

If you would like to help the environment and do wonders for your health think about a steam-distilled water machine, read the distilled water page.

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