Healthy Living Tips For Body & Mind

These healthy living tips are simple, easy to do and will improve your life, body and mind.

In today's society, people want to know the quick and easy way to feel good about themselves. Some people will do anything to feel healthy and mentally sharp.

This means that they will go on all kinds of diets and perform strict exercise routines.

Healthy Living Tip #1

If you want to be at your best in body and mind, you don't have to do extreme things. Actually, the keys to a healthy lifestyle lie in your ability to eat a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, staying away from foods with additives sweeteners artificial color and chemical compounds with extremely long names, very few people can pronounce.

Stretching exercises and low impact cardio vascular routine that is safe and effective, and drink plenty of pure steam-distilled water you make yourself.

Healthy Living Tip #2

You should never buy distilled water in HDPE flexible plastic containers with a #2 in the triangle at the bottom of the bottle. The plastic has a very unstable nature and will leach plastic into the water giving it a plastic taste.

Healthy Living Tip #3

Your mental outlook is of extreme importance, when you are preparing food, be “AWARE” you are preparing food. Do not do it in a mechanical way, take pleasure and put positive thoughts and energy into your food.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and the food tastes much better than normal, it seems to have some magic ingredient? Well it was probably the chef having a very good day putting lots of positive energy into the food he or she was preparing.

Before you start to eat look at your meal and think positive thoughts. For example “I am so happy and grateful now that I am eating this beautiful healthy nutritious food that is food and sustenance for my physical and mental well being“ or “Bless this beautiful healthy nutritious food that is food and sustenance for my physical and mental well being”

Just those few seconds saying or thinking that will energize your meal.

Healthy Living Tip #4

When you start eating your meal be “AWARE” you are eating, making sure you taste each ingredient and eat slow, you must mix your saliva with your food to prepare it for your stomach and chew every bite.

That is what you have teeth for, your stomach does not have teeth, just digestive juices.

If you do not chew your food it must remain in your stomach longer while your stomach muscle turns it over and over, mixing extra digestive juices to break down the food. This can cause heartburn or indigestion and various other ailments.

Also as an added benefit the colon will not need to work as hard (especially if you eat a lot of meat) and food will pass through more quickly and easily, it will not stagnate and get stuck on the colon walls and crevices.

Healthy Living Tip #5

If you want to start living a healthy lifestyle, then you have to concentrate first and foremost on your mental health. What is mental health? Mental health is all about being a sharp thinker with a positive attitude. It's about being at your best and finding ways to deal with stress and anxiety.

One way to begin caring for your mental health is to drink plenty of water. Some drinking water tips are to drink clean filtered or better still steam-distilled water and to drink at least six glasses per day. This act will sharpen your mental functions and make you feel more relaxed and confident.

There are also many connections between nutrition and mental health. Why is nutrition important? It is because our bodies depend on vitamins and minerals to function at a high level. Vitamins and minerals are what make us stronger.

Whenever you are feeling tired or sluggish and you know you have been getting enough sleep, it's probably because you are suffering from a nutritional deficiency. When we are getting all of the vitamins, minerals, and water that we need, we are working with more energy and we are able to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Nutrition and physical fitness are essential to keeping a positive and top quality state of mind, as we all know it can be a stressful world out there. If you want to perform at your highest level, you need to make sure that you are physically fit and that you are eating the foods your body requires and drink plenty; of steam-distilled water to keep you hydrated.

By sticking to a balanced diet, mild exercise program you will be more sharp and positive than you have ever been, you will feel absolutely rejuvenated. There’s no need to resort to extreme diets and exercise plans. Staying physically and mentally fit is about directing your consciousness to your body's natural needs.

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