Drinking Water Tips

Drinking water tips; steam-distilled water that you make yourself in your own water distiller is the finest drinking water you can put into your body.

It is 99% free of all impurities and by its very nature it will immediately start to absorb anything that comes into contact with it. It is like a bottle with no air inside just a vacuum, when you release the top air immediately rushes in.

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When you drink steam-distilled water it will start to absorb toxins as it travels through the body, steam-distilled water will NOT deplete the body of any vital nutrients. All the organic nutrients already consumed, are absorbed by the body and are well on their way to building cells throughout your system.

All the organic nutrients already consumed, are absorbed by the body and are well on their way to building cells throughout your system.

What steam-distilled water will do is absorb inorganic minerals and toxins that cannot be absorbed or used by the body and flush them out of your system. You will notice more flexible joints, more energy, easier bowel movements, a clearer head and a general lightness of the body.

Steam-Distilled Water System:

1. Water is boiled, killing all bacteria.

2. Steam rises, leaving behind most impurities including chlorine.

3. Gases are vented and steam is cooled with cooling fan.

4. Steam turns back into water through condenser coils.

5. Water drips through charcoal filter improving taste and remove any VOCs.

6. Great tasting steam-distilled water, 99% free of all impurities.

Natures Way of Making Distilled Water

Drinking Water Tip #1

Drink a glass of steam-distilled water very warm almost hot, with freshly squeezed lemon juice first thing in the morning, that will do wonders for your digestive system.

Drinking Water Tip #2

Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of APPLE CIDER vinegar or more to 1 gallon of steam-distilled water it will do wonders for your joints and if you suffer from arthritis you will experience amazing results.

Drinking Water Tip #3

Most of the time it is better to drink water at room temperature, the reason being is that the average body temp is around 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit. That is why drinking hot tea and coffee taste good especially if made with steam-distilled water, drinking coffee is not recommended, it is a diuretic and has an adverse effect on the health of the body.

Iced drinks can taste good on a hot day, but iced drinks are a shock to the system and the body must use energy to warm the drink up to body temperature. It is better to limit the consumption of ice cold drinks as much as possible. However if you use ice cubes in your drink make sure to make them from steam-distilled water.

Drinking Water Tip #4

Use steam-distilled water for all your cooking needs and any drinks that you mix water with; you will find everything tastes much better. If you have pets they love the taste of steam-distilled water and when you water your plants you will be amazed at how they grow. Also use steam-distilled water in your iron your clothes will look and feel much better.

Drinking Water Tip #5

If you have a situation you are trying to find the answer to or a decision you must make and you are not sure which would be the correct decision, here is a simple technique that will help.

Take a glass of steam-distilled water with you when you go to bed, along with a notepad, pen and flashlight. Sit on the side of the bed and keeping your head straight look up at the ceiling, and as you are drinking HALF the glass of water mentally say, “this is all I need to do for an answer to my situation, (mentally say your situation.”)

You may wake up in the middle of the night with an answer to your situation, if you do WRITE IT DOWN, use the pen and notepad, and use the flashlight if necessary. Do not think you will remember it in the morning; dreams are very illusive, you may remember you had a dream with your answer but you may not remember any of the details.

When you wake up and if you had a dream that gave you an answer, drink the half glass of water (head straight eyes looking up) and say “thank you for the answer to my situation” feeling very grateful.

If you did not have a dream drink the half glass of water (head straight eyes looking up) repeating your situation statement. Within 3 days you will receive an answer to your situation, pay attention to what comes to you, or you may have a dream on the subsequent nights, remember write it down.

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