Shower Filter

What is a shower filter? What does it do and why do you need one. On this page you will learn about:

  • Chlorine.

  • How a filter Works.


Chlorine is added to municipal water supplies to kill bacteria, viruses and make it safe for public use and drinking. It is not common knowledge but in World War One chlorine gas was used to kill thousands of troops and left untold numbers of civilians with the after effects of having parts of their inner organs burned by the gas.

Chlorine kills living organisms, your skin is a living organism, so what do you think it does to your skin? Have you noticed how dry and flaky your skin can be after you shower, it irritates your eyes leaves your hair dry and unmanageable with an itchy scalp. If you take a hot steamy shower you are breathing into your lungs toxic chlorine fumes.

Your body can absorb more chlorine in a 10-minute shower than from drinking over a gallon of polluted water. Making matters worse chlorine aggravates symptoms of allergy, sinus and emphysema sufferers. Chlorine can also combine with modern day pollutants and form THMs (tri-halo-methane’s)

How a Shower Filter Works

Known as a KDF filter copper and Zinc are combined to filter water by reduction oxidation (redox) Water is neutral neither positive or negative, chemicals in the water are either positive or negatively charged and attaches to the copper/zinc filter changing the chemical composition.

Chlorine becomes soluble zinc chloride and scale changes to a glass powder. KDF also reduces, iron, lead, mercury, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, it also inhibits bacterial, fungal and mildew growth.


The advantages of a KDF filter will:

Eliminate Chlorine.

Reduce Heavy Metals.

Reduce Scale.

Inhibits Bacteria Growth.

Works in Hot or Cold Water.

Does not restrict water flow.

Leave your scalp and hair shiny and manageable.

Leaves your Skin Soft and Moist.

Inexpensive, KDF filters are under $100.00.

Filter Cartridge Lasts approx 1 year.

Replacement Filter Cartridges cost around $40.00.


There are no disadvantages unless you consider 15 minutes of your time once a year to replace the KDF filter.

With a Shower Head Filter you will have Softer Hair and healthier skin

You now have a basic understanding of what a shower filter is, how it works and what it does. A KDF filter is an inexpensive item for the benefits gained and is one more step in living a healthy lifestyle.

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