Water Filtration Systems

Are you looking into various water filtration systems? Then chances are you are concerned about the water you drink. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter you should be concerned about your health and the health of your family, which is why you have found this page.

Many people who are health conscious only consider things like diet and exercise and staying hydrated, the truth is that these are important factors, but the quality of water we drink may be the most important.

Our bodies are made almost completely of water; drinking clean pure water is essential for us to live a healthy life. If you are concerned about your health because you want to live a long time and perform your best. Then you need to look into water filtration systems and water purification systems.

There are different kinds of systems, depending on what your needs are. You can find filters that will clean all of the water in your house or you can find filters that will clean only small quantities of drinking water.

Whole House Filter

A water filtration systems is a great investment for families, it can be as simple as a pleated filter that fits inside a canister and can filter water down to a few microns. Depending on the quality of water coming into your home, the filter will need to be removed and washed after a few thousand gallons.

It should be replaced once or twice a year and they only cost a few dollars. This kind of filter can insure that there is a better quality of water coming out of all of your house's faucets.

If you have hard water and or have a lot of minerals like iron in your water then you may want to consider an environmentally friendly water softener. The softener will soften the water and remove some of the minerals and iron.

Shower Head Filter

Next to consider is a shower head water filtration system to remove chlorine. Remember chlorine is put into water to kill organisms that are living in the water to make it safe to drink.

But your skin is a living organism, so what do you think it will do to your skin? Now you understand why you may have dry, wrinkled or scaly skin after you shower. Also when you breathe in the chlorine steam from your shower it can be detrimental to your health. Many women say their hair looks much more healthy after they shower with a shower head filter.

Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Finally, your drinking water is of the utmost importance.

A carbon filter will remove some chemicals, chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

A reverse osmosis water filtration system will remove approximately 50% to 90% of most chemicals and can be combined with a carbon filter. Reverse osmosis is not very effective at removing viruses, also parasites are not killed, they are just filtered out and are still present in the water.

Reverse osmosis is very wasteful it will take about 4 to 6 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of clean water, it also requires maintenance, pre and post filters will need to be replaced every two to four months and the storage tank and lines flushed and cleaned.

Replacement of the semi permeable membrane is costly and needs to be done every one to three years. Also when the filters can no longer filter the water, many impurities can pass through the filter and into your drinking water.

Steam-Distilled Water

The most effective drinking water system is a water distiller either a stand-alone system that can make one gallon at a time, or one that is connected to your drinking water faucet that continually makes clean pure distilled water.

Distilled water you make yourself will completely remove chemicals, chlorine, bacteria, viruses, parasites and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when combined with a carbon filter.

It takes about one gallon of tap water to make one gallon of pure steam distilled water, so there is very little waste. There are no filters to clean, just a carbon filter to replace every 2 months depending on the amount of water you make.

If you have children in the house you will find them drinking a lot more water because kids love the pure taste.

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Well Water

If you get your water from a well you should consider all of the above systems with the exception of a shower head filter, as there is no chlorine to remove.

Well water is usually high in minerals and could definitely have bacteria, viruses and parasites because there is no chlorine present, so a water distiller becomes an important consideration.

Basic Water Filters

If you are not concerned with filtering water at the source, or if you're on a limited up-front budget, then there are some residential water filter options that you can choose from.

Refrigerator water filters will improve the taste and quality of water. If you get drinking water from just one faucet, then you can get easy to install counter top faucet water filters that are affordable and easy to use. However these filters will not filter out many impurities, a water distiller is the only economical way to be sure.

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Water Purification Systems Page

Let’s look at different water purification systems; you will learn the capabilities and limitations of each system. On this page you will learn about:

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  • Activated Granular Charcoal Filter
  • Carbon block Filters
  • Ceramic Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Water Softeners
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  • Ultra Violet Light
  • Ozone
  • Steam-Distilled Water System
  • Advantages and Disadvantages

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