The Importance of Drinking Water

What exactly is the importance of drinking water in the grand scheme of things? When we think about our bodily health, we normally think of exercise and diet. These are important factors, but what may be the most important factor to our health of both mind and body, however, is the amount and quality of water we drink.

Remember you have about 5 quarts of blood and about 50 to 80 quarts of water, you must watch the water you put into your system if you value a VIBRANT HEALTHY BODY. Water is so essential to our body that it's amazing we sometimes overlook its importance.

importance of drinking water

The importance of drinking water, did you know that the human body is made up of 70% to 80% water? The brain is made of 75% water and is home to some important glands that have a direct influence on the organs of the body? Muscles 75%, heart 75%, bones 22%, kidneys 83%, lungs 86%, eyes 95%, and your blood 82%.

Thyroid Gland

The importance of drinking water on the thyroid gland is so important, considering that every drop of blood and water passes through the thyroid gland approximately every 15 minutes of your life. You can imagine the build up of toxins if the water you drink is not of the highest and purest quality. It is essential for the liver and kidneys to have adequate pure water to flush out the toxins that accumulate there.

Digestive System

When you are considering the effects and importance of drinking water, you should be thinking about the big picture. It is absolutely essential for our digestive system--it could not digest food without plenty of water. Ever had a difficult bowel movement or even a painful one? Chances are it was because of a lack of water. We have water flowing all throughout our bodies, so you can imagine that there are many benefits of drinking water daily.

How Much To Drink

You may be asking yourself now, how much water to drink? The average person should drink about 2-3 quarts of high quality pure water a day. It also depends on your body size, how hot or cold your climate is, humidity, altitude and how much exercise you do. One guide is to take your weight and divide it by half and that will tell you how many ounces to drink. For example a 200lb person should drink 100 ounces.

Feel Hungry

If you finish a meal and still feel hungry even though you seem to have had enough to eat, it's probably because you are dehydrated. Drink a glass of water and you will be amazed at how quickly your hunger goes away.

importance of drinking water

Health Benefits

There are endless benefits to drinking enough water. If you drink eight, 8oz glasses of pure water per day, you will be lowering your risk of colon cancer by 45%; most health challenges of the body can be traced back to the colon. As you can tell, pure water is an amazing substance. The importance of drinking water is enormous.

Which Water To Drink

So how can you get the best drinking water? You will want to be careful about the water that comes out of your tap. Although city water districts do a very good job of making sure the tap water is safe to drink when it leaves their facility, studies have shown that our public water sources can be anywhere from mildly polluted to very polluted. This is because of the chemicals and drugs that are dumped into our water sources and miles of pipes the water has to run through. America’s water pipe infrastructure is now very old which is evident by the number of water pipe bursts you hear about in the news. If you are concerned about drinking water for health, then you should look into home water filters or even better distilled water. This is the healthiest choice.


There are so many health benefits to drinking pure water that it is truly amazing, most people only concentrate on the need to satisfy their thirst. Pure water is also essential for relieving stress and tension in the brain. It has also been proven to help reduce anxiety. As a matter of fact, if you are prone to anxiety attacks, a great solution is to drink a few glasses of clean pure water. Water also sharpens our mental functions. This means that it's important to drink plenty of water before big tests, interviews, or any other event that will require you to be at the top of your game.

Find out more about the importance of drinking water and great healthy living tips to sharpen mental function and improve your life.

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Advantages Of Drinking Water
The advantages of drinking water are vital for a healthy body, water regulates all the functions of the body. Thirst is not a good indicator of a body in need of water.

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