Clean Drinking Water

Clean drinking water, how clean is clean? Why do I need to be concerned?

  • Water is Water What’s all the Fuss About.

  • Should you Drink Tap Water?

  • Why Not Just Buy Bottled Water?

  • Should you filter or Purify Tap Water?

  • What is the Best Water for Your Body?

  • Do's and Don’ts.

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Water is Water what's all the Fuss About

People today are becoming very aware that water is not just water it contains a variety of things from bacteria to heavy metals. Clean drinking water is not so pure today and has many problems, from misleading labels to unknown contaminants and naturally occurring inorganic minerals.

Should you Drink Tap Water?

The short answer is No, however some water is better than no water and should not be consumed on a regular basis. Municipal water companies do a good job of delivering clean drinking water to your tap mainly by adding chlorine to kill bacteria and viruses. Today however that is not the case certain bacteria and cysts have been discovered in chlorinated water.

Most of America’s infrastructure is old, consider the miles of piping water must travel through to get to your home and then through your homes plumbing system, who knows what it’s picked up on the way to your tap.

Chlorine kills living organisms and your body is a living organism, it is better for your health if you do not drink or shower with tap water without filtering it first.

Tap water also contains inorganic minerals that can build up in your body especially your joints causing joint pain and arthritis and inorganic minerals play havoc with your inner organs.

Why not Just Buy Bottled Water?

The body needs clean drinking water and bottled water is better than no water and probably better than tap water. But because the bottled water industry is unregulated there are a lot of unknowns about what it contains.

A lot of bottled water is filtered tap water and depending on how well it is filtered and or purified will depend on how good it is for your body.

But no matter how it was purified it is still stored in plastic containers, which can leach plastic into the water. Polycarbonate bottles that usually come in three and five-gallon containers do not have this problem and have been used for years.

Bottled water also generates a lot of plastic waste with very little being recycled, not only is this an eyesore but it usually ends up in the World’s oceans. It breaks into little pieces entering the food chain through the fish we eat. Unlike everything else in nature it does not decompose and stays in the environment for many years.

Like tap water bottled water also contains inorganic minerals and will build up in your joints and play havoc with your inner organs.

Should you Filter or Purify Tap Water?

At the very least to get clean drinking water you should have a counter top carbon filter, which will filter out some of the impurities. A reverse osmosis system will do a much better job, however there are filters to buy and your time and effort to replace them. They must be replaced on schedule otherwise they become ineffective at filtering out contaminants.

The Crown Jewel of water purification is your own Steam-Distilled water machine it will remove 99% contaminants from your drinking water and give you the purest healthiest water your body can use.

What is the Best Water for Your Body?

Steam-Distilled water made from your own machine will give you the finest, clean drinking water you can put into your body. It will remove inorganic minerals and help purify your body like nothing else.

Steam-Distilled water has nothing in it and will absorb anything it comes into contact with, this is how it will remove inorganic minerals from your body absorbing them and then flushing them out. Your body will feel lighter, healthier and you will have more energy.

The best way to put Organic minerals into your body is by juicing fruits and vegetables, not only do they taste great you are also giving your body some of the healthiest nutrients and trace elements. Also you can mix Steam-Distilled water with your fruit or vegetable drink.

You will be amazed at how good your food tastes when Using Steam-Distilled water for all your cooking and food preparation.

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Drink lots of water.

Consider the quality of drinking water and its source.

Use a shower head filter to remove chlorine.

At least filter tap water.

Do go to the bottled Vs tap water page.

Better still purchase a Steam-Distilled water machine to make your own delicious drinking water.


Do not drink tap water.

Do not think that all water is the same, impure water can have an immediate effect on your health or it can take many years for inorganic minerals to build up in your body causing ill health later in life.

Consider carefully drinking a lot of bottled water.

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